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My Commitment to Cultural Safety and Humility

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Do you want to help socialize and promote cultural safety and humility in your organization and the greater health care system? Learn more here:
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White Buffalo Indigenous Urban Services Cultural Safety Pledge

The White Buffalo team is a strong group of individuals whose compassion and awareness has created a safe atmosphere for individuals, families and community members it serves. Missing for the group are Vivian Bonneau and Mary Walsh

UBC Dental Hygiene Degree Class of 2020

Our commitment to promote cultural safety and cultural humility

Valerie Nicol - Valerie Nicol and Associates

My commitment is to embed Cultural Safety and Humility in all aspects of my work - wherever and whenever possible.

Wes Jones Capital Assets Department FNHA

My Commitment.

Sarah Carriere, Providence Health Care

Today, I was proud of my health organization: we're beginning to learn, follow, and hold ourselves accountable to create change, forget and maintain respectful relationships with First Nations. I made a pledge to create a climate for cultural safety and cultural humility. #itstartswithme #culturalhumility @fnha I will follow and learn.

To Promote Compassion

Candy-Lea Chickite, Kwakwaka'wakw Community Engagement Coordinator, FNHA

Cultural Safety & Humility

Consciously weaving awareness into my work.

Cultural Safety & Humility

Lifetime commitment to learning about Cultural Safety & Humility and share this knowledge with my peers and colleagues. #itstartwithme

Cultural Safety & Humility

I will expect my colleagues to keep up-to-date with Indigenous health issues.

Cultural Safety &Humility

Educate myself on Cultural Safety and Humility and FNHA.

Cultural Safety &Humility

Continuing education and development.

Cultural Safety & Humility

Educate myself; Share this experience; Breakdown the communication barrier.